Our design process…

deep dive:  An in-depth initial client meeting in which the project scope is presented and client interaction gives us a feel for their personality, tastes, and company goals.

design phase 1:  We research the client and their product line and those of their competitors. We then cross-reference that information with current and emerging trends and find common design cues. This research then leads us to initial designs.

design phase 1 review:  We meet with the client to discuss the initial designs. We gauge the client’s response and move forward given the new feedback into concept refinement.

design phase 2:  Concept refinement and design phase 2.  We meet with the client to discuss the refined designs, note any possible adjustments, and proceed to phase 3.

phase 3 final concept approval:  The finalized design is fully rendered and final proposal is submitted for approval.

phase 4 approved concept construction drawings:  The final approved concept is detailed in the form of construction drawings for production. Any necessary engineering approvals are contracted by the client and the appropriate computer files are distributed to vendors.